Friday, 30 September 2011

Michelle Obama shopping in Target!

Michelle Obama was spotted shopping in Target today and the press went bananas. This was not a slow a slow news day, but this hit the front page of every media publication (online or print) in America and around the world.

First lady Michelle Obama, wearing a hat and sunglasses, a Target department store in Alexandria, Va., Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011, after doing some shopping. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
Why? Who cares where a politician's wife shops? We do. We all do. Michelle Obama is not just any politician's wife; she's the First Lady. And when the First Lady comes out of the White House to shop in the most common of clothes shops, it's news. Big news.

Michelle Obama is a Fashionista. The press had their doubts initially, but she's won them over. The fact that she shops at Target makes her just like everyone else: “First Ladies . . . They’re just like us!” (NBC’s “Today” show).

Or are they? Michelle Obama's excursion has raised suspicion. She's been criticised recently for her extravagant wardrobe and expensive taste in jewellery. Was her trip to Target simply a stunt?

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Happy Birthday Julia!

Julia Gillard celebrates her 50th birthday today. What did she choose to wear on her big day?

No drab colours for the PM on this special occasion - she emerged for the cameras this morning in a bright orange jacket. We've seen the jacket before - it's not a colour you forget.

The jewellery, however, is new - a present from Tim - and, as such, got a mention in every article about the birthday.

The necklace and earrings coordinated rather nicely with Julia's hair, but not with the jacket.

The Prime Minister will soon have another birthday accessory to show off - a cavoodle puppy (another present from Tim). But we'll have to wait a couple of weeks to see it as it's still too young to leave its Mum (hopefully it won't match the jacket either).

Photo: Justin McManus